A Candid Chat With Sony Artisan Robert Evans

This past March we caught up with Robert Evans (Sony Artisan & Snapshots Global Brand Evangelist) as he photographed the wedding of Jennifer & Mike in Las Vegas, Nevada. We absolutely loved watching Robert work his magic as he captured their story with his own unique style.

Robert Evans working on location in Las Vegas

Jennifer looked stunning on her wedding day. 

As we chatted with Robert, we couldn’t help but notice how many wedding guests were snapping their own pics during Jennifer & Mike’s nuptials. According to Robert, “This isn’t anything new.” He elaborated to say, “We’ve always had the ‘Uncle Harry’s’ running around with a camera shooting over our shoulders. Now you have a bunch of guests with cameras, iPhones, iPads, you name it.”

To Robert, this consumer behavior is what makes “Snapshots a great compromise to what goes on at weddings today.” Because guests can use Snapshots to collaborate with the professional photographer, “all the images can go into one place and it just makes it fun for everyone.”

Robert Evans photographing the wedding ceremony of Jennifer & Mike.

Wedding guests snapped their own pics with cameras and mobile devices.

A few wedding guests even brought along a selfie stick! 

From a business standpoint, Robert also recognizes the marketing opportunity Snapshots provides. Guests are uploading their images next to the pro photographers branded work, putting “new eyes” on the pro images.

Mike & Jennifer’s Snapshots website photo gallery 

Mike & Jennifer’s photo gallery on the Snapshots app  

Mike & Jennifer’s photo gallery on Snapshots TV 

However, for Robert, it simply comes down to making his clients happy. At the end of the day, “It’s for the couple – for the bride and groom – or whatever event you decide to use it for.”

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