UK Photographer Jeff Ascough Joins The Snapshots Pro Team

We are pleased to welcome Canon Ambassador Jeff Ascough as the newest member of our Snapshots Pro Team. Since beginning his career in 1993, Jeff has captivated the photography world with his documentary style. Tired of the standard posing seen in wedding photography, Jeff struck out to break the mold.

As Jeff explains: “What used to happen with wedding photography was everything was shot in colour; posed; it took two to three hours and was the same – the ceremony, group pictures, the room setting etc. As a person I don’t like ordering people around so I felt uncomfortable doing that, but I could see these fantastic images happening all around me.”

Jeff Ascough

Over the years, Jeff has photographed countless weddings including a handful of celebrity clients.  He has also won a number of prestigious photography awards such as the annual ‘Lens & Light Honor’ in June 2010 for his “stunning, modern, artistic imagery at the frontier of the field”.

When he isn’t shooting weddings, Jeff is educating at his series of photographic workshops. Additionally, in 2006, Jeff developed his own Photoshop Actions software that is now utilized by some of the top photographers in the wedding industry.

With a unique flair and a love for the lens, we are looking forward to collaborating with Jeff at Snapshots.


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