Same Day Edits In A Snap

Think that doing a quick same day edit on wedding photos is a crazy idea? Photographer and Snapshots Global Brand Evangelist Brian Adams would have to strongly disagree!

Over the past 14 years of his photography career, Brian has seen firsthand how social media and technology has changed guest behavior at weddings. As he explains, “Mobile technology has gotten so good that you can actually take a really decent photo or video with your phone. In most cases the guest photos are the ones that are being seen first.”

While clients love seeing pics from their friends and family right away, this has had an adverse effect for most photographers. According to Brian, “My work and my branding is not in front of as many eyes as it used to be. That was a huge marketing tool for me. The only way I can survive as a photographer is to book the next wedding and get that next client.”

Ultimately, the opportunity for collaboration and immediacy is what attracted Brian to Snapshots. From his perspective, “Snapshots is actually allowing me to make up for all of those eyes that I’ve lost in the past. Not only will guests see my photos they will know I took them.”

Despite many photographers complaining about guest photography at events, Brian prefers to embrace collaboration because, “it benefits pro photographers, it benefits the wedding guests, and best of all: It benefits my clients! Everyone ends up working with each other for the couple’s sake, instead of against each other […] I enjoy encouraging everyone to get involved.”

In order to get a few photos up right away during an event, Brian typically takes 10-15 minutes to do a quick mobile edit on his favorite images. He then uploads his images straight to the Snapshots App alongside guest photos. Clients and guests can then view, share, and purchase his branded images right away!

Check out these quick tips to make same day editing a snap:

STEP ONE – Import photos from your WiFi-enabled camera.

Brian typically uses the Canon Camera Connect App that pairs with his Canon EOS 6D

STEP TWO – Run a quick edit on your favorite images. 

One of our favorite mobile editing apps is VSCO

STEP THREE – Upload your images to the Snapshots App. 

The Snapshots App is currently available on iOS and will be released on Android soon. Stay tuned!


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